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Body Treatments

With our non - surgical body treatments, you can give yourself a makeover that will make you feel and look beautiful.


  • RF Body sculpting is an electromagnetic current which is delivered to the body via electrodes at a radiofrequency of 448kHz.

  • Muscle Sculpting build and tone muscles  

  • Ultrasonic Body Cavitation breaks down fat cells below the skin, reducing cellulite and localized fat.

  • Infrared Sauna helps relieve inflammation, stiffness and soreness by increasing blood circulation and allowing the deep, penetrating infrared heat to relax muscles and carry off metabolic waste products, while delivering oxygen-rich blood to the muscles for a faster recovery.


We are confident that these service will provide you with the results you want.


Want to have a customized look?

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. You won't be disappointed.

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